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Everyone who has a dog is aware of how stubborn canines can be. No matter how many times you prohibit them from doing something, they will eventually find a way to do it, especially if it is something that they have set their sights on.

A Great Dane named Max attempted to convince his fur mom to allow him to do his favorite activity. In a viral video of the dog, Max the Great Dane was seen preparing to dive into their swimming pool. However, before he could even dip one paw into the water, the dog’s mother immediately stopped him.

After hearing what Mom had to say, Max began to grumble and whine, attempting to argue with her. However, Mom was certain of her decision.

However, Max would not back down from the fight. The dog continued to whimper and grumble, unable to comprehend his mother’s argument. Max continued to whine to his mother even more. And when Mom shouted “No,” Max immediately let out an irritated roar.

It appeared that no matter how hard Mom tried to explain anything to Max, the dog could not really understand why. Max even tried harder by longingly gazing at the pool of icy water and almost dipping his paw into it.

However, due to his mother’s continuous reprimands, Max ultimately got the point. Although he still glanced wistfully at the water, the dog did not follow through with his plans. It appeared that Mom had finally gotten the matter under control.

Max remained silent for some seconds, occasionally glancing to the side at his mother. However, before Mom could go away and celebrate her accomplishment, the dog began barking and complaining once more.

Max continued to whine to Mom in an effort to persuade her. The mother could only sigh in exasperation as she made a humorous remark about the dog’s behavior.

What do you believe Max’s mother said?

Source: Rumble Viral

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