These two Golden Retrievers are just too adorable for words! They were recently caught on camera at a pet store, where they enjoyed some tasty treats together.

But what’s even sweeter than their snack time is the way they touched their paws while eating.

These dogs’ names are Sterling and Colin. Sterls is older than Colin, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from their size and appearance.

We could see, though, that they’reĀ fond of each other. They love to share everything together, and it’s the sweetest! Sure, they may not have started that way at first, but now, they’re the best of friends.

Sibling bond

One day at a pet store, these two were given some unexpected treats. Of course, the duo gobbled everything up, but they made sure each one had their fair share.

The best moment was when they paused to touch paws while eating. It was too precious for words! They continued eating treats, touching paws until all those yummy tidbits were gone.

Sterling and Colin, thanks for this valuable reminder. No matter how different we may really be, we can always find common ground with others.

And with a little patience and understanding, we can become someone’s best friend.

Dog love

These two dogs have a strong bond with each other. Their paw touches say so, and we’re down for it.

We need more dogs in our lives to help us learn that in this world, having a best buddy is one of the greatest things.

Good job, Sterling and Colin. You guys not only made people around you smile, but you made us smile too! We can’t thank your owners for posting this clip online.

If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that you can count on dogs to cheer you up. Here’s to more fun together, doggos!

Credits to Life of Sterling Newton via YouTube

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