Hurricane Dorian was one of the most devastating hurricanes ever to hit the Bahamas. After the storm, most of the island was left in ruins. A firefighter crew from Gainsville, Florida, was sent to the island to help with the search and rescue efforts.

When the firefighters were flying over the island, they saw the extent of the devastation caused by the hurricane. There miles of destruction and they knew that they had their work cut out for them. One of their roles is to help with search and rescue efforts.

However, little did they know that they will be sent to a collapsed home to rescue a bulldog. For the firefighting crew, they knew that every life counts, and they’re all animal lovers. So, the Gainsville firefighters worked together to get the trapped dog out of the collapsed house.

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Some of the firefighters started to helping several other people to lift the collapsed wall of the house. Another crew member crawled under the rubble to reach the trapped bulldog and release it. They worked for hours to free the bulldog.

They also knew that they had to work fast as the house may completely collapse, which can potentially kill the dog as well as put the life of the crew at risk. The unstable pile of rubble can collapse on them at a moment’s notice.

Thankfully, they were able to clear enough debris that the bulldog was well within reach of the rescue team. The firefighters went inside the rubble. After several minutes, they emerged from the collapsed house with the bulldog in the arms of one of the firefighters.

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The crew, as well as the people helping, couldn’t keep their excitement when they saw the dog. They all celebrated in cheers as soon as they saw the bulldog wagging his tail. The grateful pup also had what seemed to be a huge smile.

After the rescue, the Gainsville firefighters brought the dog to a safe area. They didn’t know how long the dog was stuck, and they also knew that the poor dog might be dehydrated. The firefighter knew that the puppy experienced such a terrible ordeal. Some of them stayed with the dog to comfort him, and some looked for food and water to feed him.

The bulldog was handed over to an animal rescue group called the International Fund For Animal Welfare, where he received more care. The rescue effort also made an impact on one of the crew members of the firefighters. He decided to adopt the bulldog for good. Here’s a video of the exciting rescue.

Video Source HOT NEWS via YouTube

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