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A shooting happened in Las Vegas, Nevada and lives were lost and people were traumatized. Michael Caster was there that time. He was at a concert when the shooting occurred. He got hit by a bullet on his back. He is still doing his best to recover from that day.

Michael had to suffer from lost sensation with his lower limbs. This was because of the bullet hitting him right on the spine. It was very difficult for Michael to live through this and he felt hopeless.

LLC K-9 Comfort Dogs is a group that did what it could do to help out the victims of the shooting. The members helped out by giving comfort to all the victims and to their families as well. To do this, they had comfort dogs with them and they brought the animals to hospitals where the survivors were.

This is a good thing because we all know that dogs can be a good comforter and one of the best healers. The group believes that by doing this, they are helping the survivors and their families forget for a moment what had happened and relieve themselves of stress. They also believe that a dog’s presence provides enough comfort to a person that he or she feels at ease.

According to LLC K-9 Comfort Dogs, this is their way of helping out. Knowing the advantages of having dogs with the survivors, they just may bring or spark hope in these people who may have lost their will to live. Their help may seem like a small thing but that small thing just may be just what the victims and their families need.

The victims and their families were able to pet the dogs. The dogs also cuddled with them during their visits which made them feel a bit better.

Source: BuzzFeed News

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