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For dog lovers and owners, Crufts is an event that they look forward to each year. This annual competition showcasing the agility of dogs has become famous the whole world over.

In preparation for this competition, plenty of dog owners train their dogs. Olly, a Jack Russell terrier, has his own share of training since his owner wants him to compete.

During the actual competition, Olly was presumably amazed by his surroundings. And he decided that it was best to make the arena his playground when it was his turn to show off his agility skills. His owner certainly was not that proud but the audience was very amused by what the dog did.

Right from the start, Olly had shown that he really wasn’t too interested in the competition or getting applause. He started out by diving nose-first right into the floor when he did a jump when he got to the first obstacle. After that, he did a lot of executions that just failed miserably.

One can say that Olly was a complete fail. But he won something else – the hearts of the audience.

Instead of just following the rules that have been set out, the dog just decided that it was better to have a lot of fun. Whatever things his owner trained him on, all of that flew out the window when Olly saw the beautiful and huge playground that was right in front of him.

The dog decided to explore the whole arena. He just went about wherever he wanted to go. It didn’t matter what his trainer was telling him. The trainer had no option but to try and get the dog to follow her.

Sure enough, Olly didn’t win any award. But if the audience had a say, they’ll surely say that he was the most adorable one out of the bunch.

Source: Crufts

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