One of the best things brought on by the internet and social media is the availability of tons of information. Now we can have access to tons of videos and posts about anything under the sun. This includes heart-warming and hilarious stories about dogs making friends with the most unusual creatures.

From giraffes to ducks, bears, and goats, dogs have formed an unusual bond with them. Not only are these stories and videos amusing and entertaining, but they also show that no matter what creature you are, showing kindness is always the best road to take.

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A dog and a manatee

An English Bulldog named Frappuccino, or Frappe for short, has caught the attention of the internet for his newfound friendship. Frappe lives with his Eric Eggert, his dad, in their him in Phoenix, Arizona. The duo loves going on adventures and would take many trips together. In this particular story, Eric and Frappe went to Florida to visit some relatives.

As per their nature, the two looked for an adventure that they can do together. They decided to go on an idyllic kayak ride on the beach near the house they were staying in. They didn’t have many expectations for the day, but as it turns out, it was going to be one of the most memorable adventure they have ever done.

While slowly making their way down the waterway, Eric noticed a dark blob near the surface of the water going towards their kayak. It was going slow and didn’t seem aggressive. As it came nearer, Eric realized that it was a manatee.

It didn’t really surprise Eric as this sea creature was known to swim in shallow waters on the southeast coast of the US. What was surprising was its gentle behavior towards Frappe. Perhaps the sea cow was curious about the four-legged animal in the sea craft. Frappe seemed to have the same curiosity too.

As the manatee would go to the surface, the two creatures would gently kiss one another. They would do this several times as the manatee would go under the water and back up again. It was such a genuine and innocent moment that Eric had to capture it on video. Thanks to Eric, we would get to experience the moment too.

Check out the encounter in the video below.

Source: Rumble Viral via Youtube

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