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Haseya, a former stray Border Collie mix, traveled through the Grand Canyon for a good amount of time. Without a permanent home and a loving family, she could not have led a happy life. She was also too fearful and unwilling to accept anyone’s help.

Whenever anyone attempted to come too close, the dog fled down the canyon and vanished. She hid where no one could find her and only emerged after several days. Even seasoned rescuers were unable to capture her since she was constantly evading them.

Zach, a random motorist, stopped at a gas station to refuel his vehicle one day. While doing so, he observed Haseya and felt compelled to do something for her. He made the decision to rescue the dog without considering how difficult the task would be.

Zach returned to the gas station later that evening. He hoped to see Haseya once more, but he never did. The next day he still did not see her, so he had to devise a plan to find her.

The man had a drone and he used it to fly it throughout the canyon with the help of his friends. He searched every nook and hole for roughly an hour before spotting Haseya’s large, white tail flipping in the air. He now knew where she was.

The rescuer attempted every method he could think of to entice the dog, but nothing worked. He ultimately opted to employ a humane trap. He feared she would not enter, but she did. She was already exhausted from her difficult life.

Zach brought Haseya home and introduced her to his pets, Jack the cat and Marble the dog. He did not know how the three would interact, but he wanted them to get along so he could keep her. Fortunately, they all did.

Haseya currently spends all of her time playing with her fur dad and animal siblings. She is glad she gave him a chance, and she cannot thank him enough for not giving up on her.

Source: The Dodo

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