Clifford, a two-and-a-half-year-old reddish-brown hound mix, was first spotted running loose on a superhighway on the New Jersey Turnpike. Soon after, he caused traffic to stop on the southbound lanes and caused one large truck to come to a halt.

The dog was frightened by the sudden stop and it quickly hid under the truck. But soon enough, the truck driver and other motorists were able to coax him out of hiding.

Clifford was then turned over to the Florence Township’s animal control officer who then transported him to Burlington County’s Academy Drive shelter. Upon arriving, he was immediately examined to ensure that he did not have any injuries especially since he ran around on a highway. Then the shelter held him for seven days before putting him up for adoption.

And after two months of waiting, Clifford finally gets to go home to his new family.

Lisa Yochim, of Absecon, Atlantic County, first heard about Clifford and his rescue near the Exit 6 interchange on the Turnpike a month before and she was immediately smitten with him. And after she learned more about him in news reports and social media posts, she even loved him more. So, she visited him and immediately applied to adopt him.

Her application was approved soon after and she officially welcomed Clifford into the family after he recovered from all his surgeries. All dogs in the shelter are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped for permanent identification before getting adopted out.

Of course, the whole shelter was also very happy for Clifford and his fairytale-like ending after his very intense adventure on the Turnpike. Aside from that, Burlington County Commissioner Felicia Hopson also hoped that Lisa and Clifford’s story would inspire many others to adopt pets from the shelter. Staff members always provide great care to all animals but they all want nothing more than for these animals to find loving homes.

Source: The Trentonian

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