Chris Duncan from Mississippi, who uses the Reddit handle PunkinMan, recently uploaded a laugh-out-loud image of his dog when a driver delivered a parcel to their home. The photo quickly gained over 20,000 upvotes on the platform and already received hundreds of comments.

For a bit of background, drivers send an image of your package at your door to confirm that it was a successful delivery. It also acts as proof that the product was delivered in good condition.¬†And when the driver arrived at Duncan’s home, he was greeted by the six-year-old Chihuahua and rat terrier mix, Rascal. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy and too welcoming of the guest although he came bearing a gift.

And his reaction was perfectly captured in a photograph which was then sent to Duncan’s dad, Kory, through an email from Amazon.

In the email, Amazon informed that his package was delivered successfully to his home, and enclosed was a photo of Rascal through the double glass doors jumping up and barking with a hilarious expression. And when Duncan saw the photo himself, he couldn’t stop laughing as he has never seen Rascal make that face like that before.

The Reddit community also agreed that Rascal’s reaction was pricelessly hilarious and one Reddit commenter even thanked him for sharing it. Some Reddit users who had experiences as delivery drivers also joined in on the conversation and shared their run-ins with the pet residents. One mentioned that he purposely take shots of the parcels along with the pets because they always have interesting expressions.

Another also commented that dogs watch him the second he entered the street while some bark as soon as they would see him. But some would lie and wait and watch him approach the front door. And then the second that he would bend down to set the package, they would go full primal rage.

At the end of the day, Duncan was just happy that his dog was able to make a lot of people laugh and make their day even just a bit better.

Source: MSN

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