Aaron Wallman is an animal lover who owns three dogs named Millie, Rupert, and Lola. Aaron and his dogs have a very close relationship, so he likes to play practical jokes on them and share their reactions online.

One day, he wanted to see if his dogs would still recognize him even if he disguised himself as an older man, so he decided to put on some old clothes and a mask.

At the beginning of the uploaded video, Aaron, in his old man disguise, walked past the dog, Rupert, who instantly became puzzled and made a double-take. After a while, the dog, who failed to hold his excitement, ran straight to Aaron when he realized that it was his dad after all. The dogs, Millie and Lola, were smarter and faster to react because they instantly knew that it was Aaron, despite his disguise.

People sometimes believe that dogs are dumb animals who do nothing but eat and sleep all day, but that is where they are wrong. Dogs are smart animals that have emotional intelligence, which is why it’s not surprising that they can still recognize their owner even if they’re wearing a disguise. They are also known for their loyalty and their ability to guard our homes or keep us company.

Even though some dogs may be vicious, most of them are quite friendly and intelligent. One thing that is certainly true about dogs is that they have a very good sense of smell. This sense helps them not only to track potential prey but also to recognize people, such as their owners, even if they’re disguised.

They can also hear frequencies that humans cannot hear, which makes them great at finding things like missing people or lost pets. And finally, dogs have a sixth sense of danger and will protect you no matter what.

You can watch the full video here.

Credit: milperthusky

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