Dogs are hands down the best nurses ever. When one feels sick or a little bit under the weather, furry cuddles from dogs make the world a lot better. They bring comfort and happiness during the worst days.

Metamike, a Reddit user, shared the story of how their family dog made his sick dad smile again. His father had been staying in the hospital for days. The only time he was at his happiest was when their dog came to visit.

Recovering from surgery

Metamike’s dad went to the hospital to undergo abdominal surgery. The doctor discovered some complications so he was asked to stay in the hospital for a few more days. Staying in the hospital sucked the life out of Metamike’s dad. The family feared that he was slowly experiencing depression.

The family thought of bringing their dog to make their dad smile again. They were so happy when they saw his mood change upon seeing the family pet. The dog immediately went up to their dad and showered him with furry hugs and wet kisses. Their dad was smiling from ear to ear, obviously happy with the presence of their dog.

Getting support from strangers

A lot of people saw the photo ever since Metamike posted it online. They have been leaving words of encouragement because they could see his dad’s struggle. Some also left questions to ask if his dad was getting any better. It was interesting to see people come together to check up on Metamike’s dad just because of the photo he posted.

Some people also mentioned that dogs are the best nurses and how humans really need to treat them better. All this positive energy has been helping Metamike’s dad recover from his sickness. The dog was more than happy to make him smile, too!

Credits to Metamike


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