A family in Brazil was having a serious discussion over a slipper-chewing incident. Renata, who owned the destroyed slippers, was asking who the culprit was. Two dogs were listening intently until mom asked the question: “who ate my flip flops?” The guilty party had the most adorable reaction.

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Who ate my flip flop?

Renata one day came home to chewed on slippers. There are only one, (or two), possible culprits, and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. She set a family meeting at the living room to find out who did the crime. There was Renata’s mom, lying on the couch, and her dad, sitting with the two dogs, Mel and Nevinha.

Renata works as a videographer, and she decided to film the entire interrogation for documentary purposes. She asks her mom if she knew who ate at her brand-new slippers. The two dogs were listening, not making any reaction.

Renata proceeds to ask, “I want to know who ate my flip-flop. Was it Mel or Nevinha?”

Guilty dog

One of the dogs, Nevinha, moved away from where she was seated and hid behind her grandma’s back, who has always been her protector since she was a puppy. Mel, who had a clean conscience, didn’t even move.

Renata asked again, “could it be Nevinha who ate it?” The dog could only hide in guilt. “Who could it be who has something to hide?” Renata chided, stifling her laughter.

Indeed, dogs can understand human feelings, and they also feel guilty about their mistakes. But because Nevinha was quick to admit her error, even if she was a bit terrified to own up, her family will surely forgive her in an instant.

Watch how the guilty dog gave herself away in this adorable video.

Thanks to ViralHog.

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