Sometimes, the dogs who are rescued and brought to shelters get lucky enough to find their forever homes with a family to love them. Thanks to a Thanksgiving weekend event the  Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix held, more than three hundred dogs were able to get adopted. This included a blind dog who was the last one left behind in the shelter as the event came to an end.

No one left behind

Bryan was a blind 5-year-old German Shepherd included in the hundreds of dogs put up for adoption by the Arizona Humane Society during an event that began on a Black Friday and ended on Cyber Monday back in 2016. The efforts made by the volunteers from the Humane Society were successful since they were able to place all the dogs in their roster to their forever homes. However, it seemed that Bryan would not find his family until the very last minute.

A second chance

Even if the volunteers knew that Bryan would be hard to find a home due to his disability, they still held out hope for the doggie. As luck would have it, the Mooers were able to meet him and immediately decided to take him as part of their family.

This couple already had dogs with disabilities, so the fact that Bryan was blind did not matter to them one bit. It didn’t take this doggie long to feel at home with his new family and enjoy a second chance in life. This connection between Bryan and the Mooers is the perfect example that even dogs with disabilities can be a joy to have in your home. They don’t have to be a perfect new puppy to give a person the love and affection that all dogs give naturally to their owners.

Check out Bryan’s story here:

Source: Youtube | Inside Edition

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