The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip one day about two dying pups abandoned in someone’s yard. The caller said the young dogs were in critical condition and could perish anytime. With that information, Officer Jim Tucci and two of his colleagues were immediately dispatched to save the canines.

When the cops found the poor pooches, they quickly rushed them to an animal clinic where they received emergency medical treatments. The two were extremely emaciated and very weak. Even though they were already six months old, they struggled to stand up and walk.

Worse of the two

The dogs, later named Foreign and Hemi, were obviously neglected and abused. Aside from being malnourished and dehydrated, they also had injuries. Among the two, Hemi had it worse. His back leg was very swollen and showed multiple bruises. He also had several open wounds.

Because of the extent of the damage, Hemi needed multiple surgeries and tons of medication. And this meant a huge medical bill. To help with the costs, the local shelter set up a GoFundMe page for the pup. Amazingly, the people responded quickly, and 5,000 dollars was raised.

Road to recovery

Hemi received the care he needed, and he recovered well. Throughout his stay in the clinic, Officer Tucci would make frequent visits to check on the pups he rescued, especially Hemi. Despite his violent and horrible past, the dog was still very sweet and loving. The kind cop fell in love with the young pooch.

Officer Tucci felt that the adorable pit bull pup needed him. So he took a picture of the puppy and sent it to his wife. He asked his wife if they could adopt him. To his delight, she answered yes. Soon, Hemi was part of their family.

Foreign recovered faster than her brother. After getting released from the clinic, she stayed at the local shelter. But not for long. Another officer is looking to adopt her.

Source: Niagara SPCA via Facebook

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