There are an infinite number of stories of dogs making friends with creatures of other kinds. After all, dogs have a reputation for being nice and friendly animals. And the relationship and friendships that they start with other animals will always fill you with warmth.

There is yet another story of an unexpected friendship that will make you grin. And this friendship is between a cute dog and a cute lovebird. Get to know this cute duo in this story.

Four-year-old Mango, a lovebird parrot, lived up to his breed’s name. And the 13-year-old canine named Bella knew it better than anyone else. This was because the two were the greatest of friends.

According to their mother, Corie Trezon, Mango and Bella first met four years ago. Corie genuinely gave the lovebird to her daughter as a gift. However, she observed that the bird immediately attached itself to Bella.

Mango and Bella have been inseparable ever since. Even on occasion, Mango would ride on Bella’s back as she walked around the home. They even exchange food at mealtimes. And because Mango was so close to the senior Bolognese puppy, he knew the meaning of the term “dog treat.”

Mango and Bella are gradually gaining Internet popularity. Currently, the pair’s Instagram account has over seven thousand followers.

Their Instagram account showcases their many exploits and antics. There is one video that shows them heading upstairs to find out the cause of the noise that’s been disturbing them. As Bella eagerly ascends the steps, Mango is simply chilling on her back.

They are seen enjoying the windy day on the patio in another video. Mango is just examining the woods surrounding them, but he then moves towards Bella, looks up at her, and appears to talk to her. So cute!

Source: Mango & Bella

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