Donna Lochmann and Natalie Thompson, experienced rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, an animal shelter, were riding in Lochmann’s jeep when Thompson suddenly noticed a small dog on the side of the street.

Lochmann and Thompson did not want to leave the poor dog alone; however, they had another dog to rescue with a medical emergency. Thus, Lochmann decided to pick up the dog with a medical emergency first and return for the little dog afterward.

After getting the first dog, the rescuer returned to the street where the other dog was. The dog was no longer there but was in an alleyway.

The rescuer attempted to follow the dog but lost sight of her. She walked down the alleyway and found an abandoned building and a field next to it.

Lochmann assumed the dog went into the abandoned building as she didn’t see her in the field. Thus, the rescuer entered the building to look for the dog. Finally, she found the poor dog on the building’s second floor.

The pooch was lying in the middle on a blanket. Lochmann and the dog’s eyes met, and the dog seemed young. She reached for her slip lead but then realized that her only slip lead was on the dog in her jeep.

The rescuer then ran back to her vehicle for the slip lead. However, when Lochmann returned to the building, the dog was no longer there.

Lochmann continued looking for the pooch around the building and found her in an open field. As she was unsure of the dog’s personality, she approached her as carefully as possible.

The rescuer knelt and began tossing sausages to the young dog. The pooch followed the sausage trail and eventually came up to Lochmann.

When she finally managed to put a leash on the dog, Lochmann noticed that the dog was a bit skittish. Despite that, the dog seemed more happy than scared.

Lochmann brought the pooch to the vet and even named her Dodie. The rescue dog let the vet team check her over without any objections.

Overall, Dodie was healthy despite being underweight. Thus, the veterinary team put the dog on a meal plan and helped find a foster home for her.

Since then, Dodie has been in foster care, living her life and waiting for a forever family. The staff at the rescue shelter miss the dog’s sweet energy around but are happy that Dodie gets to stay in a warm house instead of in an abandoned building.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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