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Nipsey, a one-year-old pit bull that lives in Detroit, was enjoying a routine day in his owner’s garden. However, things surely took a turn for the bizarre when his neighbor, whose house was being raided at that moment, dropped a bag into Nipsey’s backyard. Nipsey immediately noticed the bag and began investigating.

But what was contained in the bag? It was soon discovered that the mysterious bag that was thrown in the backyard where the dog was contained dangerous drugs!

Nipsey began barking, attracting the attention of the officers performing the raid next door. They observed Nipsey and the drug-filled bag being chewed up.

The officers must have been taken aback to witness a dog munching on cocaine, but think how Nipsey’s mother must have felt upon learning what her dog was doing! If we already know what happens to us humans when we use cocaine, we certainly become really scared when we learn about dogs who may have ingested such substance.

The officers immediately contacted the Humane Society in their area in Michigan for advice. They assessed the incident and sent Nipsey to a hospital for treatment. Nipsey was sent to a veterinary hospital in Grossfield, where he stayed overnight to be monitored and treated for illegal drug consumption. They are still unsure how much narcotics Nipsey was able to consume.

Fortunately, Nipsey’s health was not threatened or affected, and he was able to return to his family the next day. With regards to the dog’s medical expenses, the Humane Society of Michigan gratefully covered them.

Clint Majors, Nipsey’s mother, is undoubtedly appreciative of the cops who reacted immediately and to the society for covering the costs.

Officers congratulated Clint for being a good mother to Nipsey. Though investigators are still unable to determine who threw the bag of cocaine into Nipsey’s yard, they certainly hope it never happens again. Keep your health up, Nipsey!

Source: Michigan Humane

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