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Stray dogs are prone to contracting diseases. These dogs have no one to care for them, and a disease that is easily treatable might worsen and become a threat to their lives. Thanks to animal rescue organizations, stray dogs can be removed from the streets and adopted by loving homes.

A bulldog named Lilou was among the strays found wandering the streets. When rescuers discovered Lilou, she was nearly bald. It was possible to feel the heat emanating from Lilou’s inflamed, swollen skin. She was in a poor state and if she had not been discovered and rescued, she would have likely perished within the next several days.

Lilou’s rescuers feared she had been abandoned by breeders when she developed skin issues. In order to avoid spending money on her care, her breeders chose to abandon her on the street. The skin ailment eventually caused the majority of her fur to fall off.

The rescuers gave Lilou medicinal baths and also soothed her skin with lavender oil. They also provided Lilou with all the necessary medical care, which improved her skin and overall health. Lilou did not, however, grow new fur.

Lilou was ultimately placed in a foster family. Her foster parents took photographs of her and published them online.

A woman saw a photograph of Lilou and felt pity for her. The first time she met Lilou, all she wanted to do was give her a hug and reassure her that everything will be well.

The couple who saw Lilou had no desire to adopt her. Even though they already had two dogs, they wanted to meet her. And when they first met Lilou, they fell instantly in love with her. Even despite their own guidelines of keeping no more than two dogs, they decided to add Lilou to their family.

The couple quickly realized that they had made the right decision. Lilou turned out to be a really happy, outdoor-loving puppy. She had also begun to regrow her fur.

Lilou’s new parents were unaware of her favorite hobbies. When they took her on a short hike, however, they realized that Lilou is an outdoor dog who enjoys exploring.

Lilou enjoys being outdoors, especially if her two canine siblings are with her. Eventually, she earned enough confidence to begin leading the pack. During their hikes, she would even do zoomies, and she never tires of it.

The amazing dog brings laughter to her new family. She is cheerful and she lives in the present. Lilou was finally able to express who she is and find happiness because of her new family.

Source: The Dodo

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