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Dogs are very social creatures that enjoy socializing and playing. Some dog owners bring their pets to dog parks so they can socialize and play with other canines. What most people do not really realize is that dogs may also form friendships with other animal species.

A five-year-old Dutch Shepherd called Osiris was rescued from an abandoned parking lot. Since then, Osiris has found his forever home and developed into a cute and intelligent dog. The new family of Osiris adores him and will do anything to make him happy.

Osiris’ owners decided to train him as a therapy dog after he had shown that he was so nice and intelligent. He and his human family assisted in caring for various rescued animals, and they did an excellent job. However, Osiris’s family observed that he was not acting normally.

Osiris helped numerous creatures that his family fostered throughout the years, but he had no one to play with. This depressed Osiris, and his family was concerned about his health. Thankfully, Osiris’ family discovered an odd acquaintance and friend who brought the dog much joy.

The dog’s family brought home a rat named Riff Rat one day. Riff Rat was only four weeks old at that time and had not even opened his eyes. The family nursed him, but they were concerned that because Riff Rat was so small, Osiris wouldn’t want to interact with him.

The family was apprehensive about introducing Osiris to Riff Rat. But when they decided to introduce their beloved dog to Riff Rat, they quickly discovered that they had nothing to worry about. Osiris and Riff Rat instantly became best friends and were inseparable.

Osiris was delighted to have a playmate, and Riff Rat thrived in his new home alongside his new best friend. The two pets are quite dissimilar beings, but they are inseparable and always by each other’s side. It’s very remarkable to observe these two extremely different animals interacting.

Osiris delights in spending time with his new sibling. The bond between the dog and Riff Rat may appear odd, yet we all know that friendship transcends boundaries.

Source: Zoo Land

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