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If you told the first people who tamed dogs thousands of years ago that these furry creatures would one day be able to surf, perform airborne rescue missions, and dance, they would likely think you were insane. But we have witnessed enough amazing things in our world to firmly believe that impossible things remain impossible until someone does them.

We can never speak too quickly, and the same holds true for our dogs. In exchange for a nice meal from their human parents, these small friendly furry creatures never cease to amaze us with their abilities. They have mastered surfing, leaped from helicopters to save drowning individuals, and can now perform acrobatics.

However, it is definitely not as simple as it sounds, just like this remarkable dog named Ozzy. He has spent two years training to perfect this act.

Nick, his human father, noted that they put in a great deal of effort, as this is not generally a skill done by dogs. This is why the dog needed several years to learn this skill and do it well.

Nick emphasized that Ozzy must practice in many areas in order to master this skill. Being in unfamiliar environments and being pushed to perform difficult tasks also helped the dog develop more confidence to do the act. In short, he was being removed from his comfort zone.

In a video, Nick instructed Ozzy to step onto the rope in order to perform the trick, and the dog gladly complied. As he then attempted to regain his balance, he placed his front paws and left hind leg on the rope. A few seconds later, he lifted himself up and used only his front paws to balance himself on the rope. He was then able to maintain this amazing position for a few seconds with his rear legs in the air.

This dog is extraordinarily talented and obedient to his human father. Most people couldn’t even imagine a dog accomplishing such a feat. But it is quite amazing what countless hours of practice and a bag of dog treats can do.

Source: nicknozzy

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