One great thing to like about dogs is that they are filled with so much love that whatever situations they are in, they would always make it a point to express it. And this fact was clearly shown by a Labrador Retriever named Jack Daniels in a heartwarming video posted by his family.

In the video, Jack Daniels can be seen hugging his human dad tightly. And while this scene might look ordinary since dogs are widely known as very expressive and affectionate animals, it turns out that this one is a bit different.

Viewers will be surprised to discover that Jack Daniels has just come from surgery, which involved removing a lump from his neck. But instead of showing weakness by lying somewhere around the house to rest, the Labrador Retriever immediately came to his dad to hug him tightly. In the video, it was clear that his dad misses him too and can’t stop hugging Jack.

This scene was so heart-melting that the family decided to film it. Apparently, Jack’s mom was behind the camera and willingly filmed the dog’s affection for his dad.

The Labrador Retriever can be seen wrapping his front legs and leaning his head on his dad as if to say, “Dad, I’m totally okay. Don’t worry about me”.

At that time, Jack certainly feels some pain in his body because of the surgery. But he was too excited to hug his dad to even bother with those pains.

Even with his delicate fresh-from-the-surgery situation, Jack can’t help but do what he does best: to express how much he loves the people around him. And this trait cannot only be seen on him but every dog on this planet. That is why having a dog is not just having a pet or merely purchasing a guard for one’s house. It’s about having a friend, a companion, and a family member that would shower a house with so much love every single day.

Source: RM Videos via Youtube

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