Like people, dogs have a strong instinct to care for their young ones. Parents would have no second thoughts about making personal sacrifices for the sake of their children. This kind of selflessness can commonly be seen displayed by street dogs in many places.

Stray dogs have no choice but to roam the streets while looking for food. It’s a harsh reality that often turns animals anxious and hostile. Yet, despite their need to survive, these strays still know how to be selfless. For example, one video on the internet showed a mother dog giving up her needs for the sake of her puppies.

In the video, a man gave a stray dog a piece of chicken. The dog took the food but didn’t eat it. The odd behavior intrigued the man, so he followed the stray dog. He wanted to see why a hungry dog would not immediately eat the food she was given.

The man followed the dog for quite a while. At some point, the dog looked back, probably wondering why someone was following her. Yet the dog didn’t let the situation bother her, and she continued her walk.

After a few more minutes, the man and the stray arrive at a secluded area. The dog ran around as if she was looking for something. Then suddenly, several puppies appeared out of nowhere, catching the man off guard. He soon realized that the dog intended to give the piece of chicken to her puppies.

Nearing the end of the video, the man revealed that it wasn’t the first time he had met this dog and her puppies. He came prepared and had a bag of snacks ready to be given to them. It was unclear if the man eventually rescued the dogs. However, at least he was providing them with food regularly.

Source: Among News via YouTube.

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