Dogs are loyal to their owners. They warn us of danger, and Tilly, a dog from Australia, proved this when he leaped into the ocean to save her owner from a shark.

Jack Strickland, her owner, recorded the incident on his camera.

The incident happened at a luxury resort on Haggerstone Island, situated in North Queensland. In the uploaded video, Tilly courageously leaped on a shark that seemed quite near the shore and posed a potential danger to her owner. Tilly, clearly unafraid of sharks, repeatedly looked around the water and tried to see if the shark was still around.

The dog waited until she was sure that the coast was clear and her owner was safe. Then she jumped up, happy to show that she wasn’t harmed. Tilly has shown yet another way that dogs live up to their reputation as a man’s loyal companion.

She proved that they are brave and dependable animals who always look out for us. Loyal pets like dogs deserve everything in the world. They also have sturdy builds and keen senses.

They are very adorable and protective, especially of their families. They share our joy as well as our sadness, and they communicate with us in their very own way. Dogs are especially loyal and are ready to stand up for their owners and give their lives to save them from danger.

There are over 400 different dog breeds. People choose the breed according to their lifestyle and needs. For example, people who herd sheep usually prefer shepherds.

Families with a lot of children usually get poodles or retrievers. Many people keep pets inside the house, while others put them in kennels outside the door. Although this practice is not bad per se, it is far better to keep a dog indoors with the family.

The reason is that they feel more part of the family this way, plus, training them becomes easy as well.

Credit: b2badventures

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