If you happen to walk along the streets of London and accidentally bump into Diego, an adorable black and white Great Dane, it would be impossible to miss him. After all, he is currently the largest in the city.

Weighing a whopping 209 pounds, people often mistake Diego for a cow at first glance. But it’s not just this dog’s size that makes him an eye-catcher. It’s how he presents himself in public that makes him stand out.

It’s not often that you see a huge, cool-looking dog such as Diego perched comfortably on a motorbike, wearing a pair of protective goggles and a bandana. His driver looks equally remarkable, as he wore a biker jacket and shades.

The man taking the wheel is Carlo Da Silva, Diego’s owner. He wanted a dog of his own for as long as he could remember. So in 2015, he persuaded his wife to let him get one, and thankfully, she agreed to his request. That was when he acquired Diego, who was still a puppy at that time.

It is safe to assume that Da Silva knew what he got himself into when he decided to keep Diego as a pet. Great Danes have a reputation for being laidback and lazy (in a good way), so he probably anticipated his pet to be at home most of the time. But little did he know that Diego’s involvement in his life would be much so more than mere companionship.

It all started when Da Silva noticed Diego’s attentiveness to his surroundings. According to him, his dog knows when he is about to leave for work, especially when he picks up his jacket and helmet and is about to ride his K-750 motorbike, his primary mode of transportation to work.

And then, one day, as he did his usual routine, Da Silva decided to pick Diego up, placed him on the passenger seat of his motorbike, and got off to work. Unsurprisingly, Diego sat comfortably and still. And that was how their incredible bond began.

Since Da Silva discovered Diego’s potential, he is now with Da Silva everywhere he goes. Diego does not only accompany him to work. He also accompanies him to caf├ęs, parks, and practically everywhere he goes! When they’re not riding the motorbike, they take dog-friendly public modes of transportation such as the London Underground Metro System, of what the locals call the Tube.

One can only imagine Carlo Da Silva’s joy since Diego came into his life. He only wanted a pet, but he got more than that: A companion, a sidekick, and a friend for life. It’s incredible how dogs surprise us at what they can do. Like Diego the Great Dane, there is undoubtedly much more to dogs than meets the eye.

Watch the incredible bond of Diego and his owner, Carlo Da Silva, here:


Source: MEME FROG via YouTube

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