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Dogs with a traumatic past are prone to develop a fear of a variety of things, including people. It takes time for such canines to mature and develop a greater trust in humans.

Mark is a canine that suffered from significant challenges and traumas. He wasn’t just a fearful dog; he simply desired to be alone. He would flee or shrink in dread whenever someone attempted to touch him.

A rescuer named Shira learned about Mark and desired to console him. So she would join him in his kennel. She would remain still to demonstrate to him that she has no intention of harming him.

Shira saw little shifts in Mark’s behavior. She soon gained the ability to feed the dog directly from her hand. After some time, she decided to transfer him to their facility so that he might receive assistance from a trainer.

The woman spent more than an hour transferring Mark from the shelter to the automobile to the facility. It was all worth it when Mark was placed in the care of a man named Austin Stidham. He was the one who aided the dog in changing its perspectives.

Mark was nervous on his first night with Austin. They became closer, however, after sharing a meal. Austin was soon able to make slight contact with Mark.

Mark’s cowering ceased, and his tail got more animated. The dog was then sent to his foster parents once his stay with Austin ended.

It looked like Mark quickly made friends with the other dogs in the new house he was in.

Eventually, the foster family contacted Shira and expressed an interest in adopting Mark. Shira and Austin were overjoyed with the news. All of the time and effort they invested in Mark paid off.

Mark’s tale demonstrates how patience and determination may aid in the transformation of pets. This dog would be deemed unadoptable by the majority of shelters. Fortunately, individuals such as Shira and Austin are ready to make an attempt to rehabilitate canines.

Source: The Dodo

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