Something exciting has happened in these Pomeranian and Jack Russell’s lives. Barney and Shera’s puppies have arrived and the proud parents couldn’t be happier. It’s like they knew they did something important, and they couldn’t be more right.

It all started when Jack Russell named Shera met a Pomeranian named Barney. They hit it off, fell in love, and finally, they started a family together. Shera got pregnant not long after, and everyone was overjoyed when she gave birth to six Pomeranian Jack Russell mix puppies.

The journey wasn’t easy, though. The first puppy was stuck in Shera’s birth canal for some time, but with the help of her owner, the first puppy came out a little pale but healthy. It required much effort from both Shera and her owner, but their combined efforts saved the first puppy’s life.

Shera was attentive and loving towards her newborn, and after much pushing, licking, and towel-rubbing, the firstborn puppy was able to breathe on its own. When it started nursing, the relief on both Shera’s and her human mom’s faces was evident.

The other five came out without much incident, so Shera was able to welcome all six babies into this world. She was very tired, but it was all worth it. Our hearts are warmed as this clip reminded us of the sacrifice our own moms made during and after delivery.

Now that the puppies are all grown, we can all rest assured that they will be well-loved and cared for by their respective owners. We hope you enjoyed watching or reading about this little doggo family’s journey!

May this clip remind us once more of our parents’ love for us and the sacrifices our moms made just to get us into this world safe and healthy!

Credits to Super Fur Friends via YouTube

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