Dogs are wonderful creatures. Their quirks and antics have us humans coming back for more of them. Their mannerism, behavior, or the way they communicate make up their unique individuality.

Each dog howls differently, and that’s how most owners recognize their pets. Most dogs bark, but this one named Mo doesn’t do that – he screams instead.

Mo was discovered wandering the streets of Phoenix by his current mom. She called to him, and when he came up to her with a wagging tail, she knew she’d adopt him.

Some would have found Mo’s screams a turn-off, but not this mom. She even finds her dog’s screams hilarious, and if you play back parts of this clip on repeat, we think you’d say the same.

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. They’re either expressing excitement or happiness, telling you something’s off, or just plain trying to verbalize how they feel.

Mo, however, loves nothing more than screaming at the top of his lungs for no reason. It was alarming and amusing for his owner all at the same time, but she’s grown quite used to it. She can even tell when he’s hungry or wants to go for a walk just by the way he screams.

Dogs are such special creatures because of their unique personalities—and one of the things that makes them so special is the many different sounds they make! From barks and yips to screams and yowls, each sound carries its own meaning.

So if you have a dog that screams, don’t worry! You’ll get used to it in no time and who knows? You may even come to love it as much as Mo’s mom does!

Next time your dog starts making a strange noise, take a step back and try to figure out what he’s trying to tell you!

Credits to GeoBeats Animals via YouTube

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