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Chihuahuas and other little dogs are notorious for their incessant barking. This can be bothersome to a lot of people, but for one elderly guy named John Ball, a chihuahua’s incessant barking saved his life.

A woman named Mary Violante adopted a rescued Chihuahua-Dachshund named Gracie, who was 11 years old. Mary did not anticipate that her new family member, Gracie, would become a hero when she adopted her. Gracie was well past her prime, and Mary simply wanted to provide her with a home where she could live her remaining years in comfort.

The woman soon observed something peculiar about Gracie. The dog began barking constantly out of the blue and this was unusual behavior. According to Mary, Gracie had never behaved in such a manner before, and her continuous barking was difficult to ignore.

Mary was conversing with a friend in the courtyard of the complex where she lived at that time. When Gracie began nonstop barking, Mary decided to follow her around the corner and through the bushes. There, she discovered John on the ground.

John is a 92-year-old man with visual impairment and balance issues. He lost his balance while spending time on the outdoor patio and was unable to stand up. The only person present was Gracie, who alerted Mary by barking quickly.

Mary immediately dialed 911 after discovering John on the ground. Fortunately, John did not sustain any broken bones. He had only minor scratches and bruises on his arm and back. He would have spent a great amount of time lying on the ground with no help coming if not for Gracie.

Soon after being released from the hospital, John sent Gracie a letter, a balloon, and a basket of treats. He is very appreciative that Gracie was there for him when he needed help the most.

Source: Watchjojo Animals

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