Being a husky, Buster has always been a fan of snow and cold temperatures. In fact, his favorite thing in the world is frolicking in the yard when the winter season settles in and burrowing himself in the snow for hours on end. This typically isn’t an issue for his fur dad, Michael Kapusty, as he loves seeing the pup happy.

However, it is always a challenge to invite him indoors at night as he prefers sleeping in the icy snowbank than in his warm bed. It also doesn’t help that Buster can be pretty stubborn when it comes to things he really is passionate about. So, in the end, Michael often has to bribe him with treats and a tasty dinner just to make him move from his spot.

When the first big snowfall of the year came around, the husky was expectedly excited to zoom around the yard and camp outdoors again. However, his grandpa began shoveling his snow away before he could even enjoy it. He was absolutely appalled at what he was doing, so he immediately headed outside to stand his ground.

He sat in the middle of the snow-covered yard and didn’t move an inch. Even as his grandpa continued scooping up the snow around him, Buster still insisted on guarding his little mound. Michael’s dad repeatedly told him to move away but to no avail.

Unfortunately for the pup, his grandpa still managed to remove everything around him in the end, and all that was left was the snow he was sitting on. It was then that he realized he had to accept defeat and allow his precious snow pile to be shoveled, too.

He was understandably disappointed in everyone, but as soon as Michael took him outside where there were inches worth of snow lying around, Buster was immediately back to his old self. Watch the stubborn husky’s hilarious reaction to his grandpa’s shoveling session here.


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♬ I Shall Not Be Moved – The Statler Brothers

Courtesy of Buster

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