Meet Lily and Joey, two Staffordshire Bull Terriers who just love playing a game of fetch. In this clip, you’ll see them taking that simple game to a whole new level.

They were playing fetch on the beach one afternoon, and as soon as dad threw the ball, the dogs bolted to retrieve it. Both dogs reached the ball at the same time, so both held the ball firmly in their jaws. They proceeded to awkwardly walk to dad, with neither dog willing to let go of the ball.

The competitive nature of these dogs was out for all the world to see, but the dogs somehow made the whole thing look fun and light. They were just two dogs who wanted their owner to tell them they did a good job retrieving that ball.

These dogs are just the most adorable, albeit competitive, canines, aren’t they?

There’s something about watching them scramble to prove themselves that’s incredibly heartwarming. They don’t really need to prove themselves to humans, but they seem like they always want to.

These two dogs just wanted to see the pride and approval on their owner’s face. They didn’t let go of the ball to get the credit for themselves! Some might say it’s juvenile to find stories like this funny, but we think it is funny indeed.

Remember to always praise your dog when you play fetch with them, and in practically every good they do. They take pride in making us laugh and in delighting us with their silly antics that they deserve to be recognized and rewarded for simply wanting to please.

If you’re looking for a way to bond with your furry friend, playing fetch is a great option. All you need is a ball, some treats, and a whole year’s worth of encouraging words, and you’re good to go!

Credits to Joey & Lily Go For A Walk via YouTube

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