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A love-hate relationship between puppies and kittens has always existed, so it’s tough to predict what we’ll see when they are together in one place. A good example is this dog and cat who are the main characters of our story today.

We do not know what sparked this fierce brawl between them, but neither side was willing to back down. They were intent on winning the game that they were playing, and they cared little for anything else.

The dog pulled, and the cat tried to pull back. A few seconds ago, it appeared that the puppy might prevail. This kitten did not make things simple, however, as it pulled with all its strength on the fabric.

The dog was clearly taken aback by its opponent’s strength, and it grossly overestimated the feline’s skills. Fortunately, the dog was able to recover from its temporary slip in judgment.

It appeared as if the furballs took one step forward and then two steps back as they moved back and forth. It was an epic, long-playing battle, and we honestly had no idea who won.

The puppy had a tiny edge over its adversary because of its size, but the kitten made up for it with determination. You could say that these two were perfectly suited to go against each other, and what a performance they put on!

They were in the garage the entire time, and at one point the cat nearly dragged the dog under the car. However, the puppy soon showed its inherent power and dragged the cat into the open.

We couldn’t really help but wonder if they really were playing while observing these two engage in an epic battle. They were both growling at one another, so it may simply be a healthy competition.

Regardless, we were still able to witness a heroic display of concentration and bravery. Congratulations on reminding us to never surrender in life!

Source: Rumble Viral

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