We’ve often heard about dogs becoming friends with cats. However, have you ever seen a dog and a rat becoming best friends and even helping each other out? A dog named Osiris and a rat named Riff Raff became just that.

Osiris is a Dutch Shepherd who was abandoned in a parking lot when he was just a puppy. He was rescued and eventually turned into an amazing therapy dog who helped so many animals that his owner fostered. However, he was getting depressed because he had no one to play with.

Osiris’s owner thought that it would probably be a good idea to adopt an animal so Osiris wouldn’t feel lonely. Osiris’s parents decided to adopt Riff Raff who was also a rescue animal. Riff Rat was so small when he was rescued that he hasn’t even opened his eyes yet.

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Riff Rat needed to be nursed back to health and was fed through a syringe. When Riff Rat was well enough, he was introduced to Osiris. At first, Osiris’s parents were a little hesitant to let the two animals meet for very obvious reasons. Osiris was a large Dutch Shepherd while Riff Rat was a tiny rat. They also feared that Osiris wouldn’t get along with a rat.

However, Osiris and Riff Rat proved them wrong. As soon as Osiris and Riff Rat met, the two instantly bonded and became best friends. Osiris knew how small and fragile Riff Rat is and was so gentle when he played with his new sibling.

Osiris has helped foster so many rescue animals that he became used to small animals. Riff Rat was also very comfortable around Osiris that he would even stick his head inside Osiris’s mouth, which horrified their humans at first but soon got used to it.

Ever since Osiris met Riff Rat, he got out of his depression and became a happy dog again. Osiris also helped take care of Riff Rat when he was growing up. Here’s a video of the adorable and unusual friendship between Osiris and Riff Rat.

Video Source Wonderbot Animals via YouTube

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