When a dog is a “good boy” or a “good girl,” it is just right to give them the reward they deserve. They enjoy treats, a new toy, or some good old patting and belly rubs. For a service dog who is exceptional at her job, she got more than that – she enjoys weekly trips to Disney World!

Two-year-old Golden Retriever Nala works as a service dog for over a year now. She got the break she needed when her owner brought her along to Disney World. An adorable video highlighted Nala’s theme park adventures – where she cuddled with Donald Duck!

In the video, we can see the service dog laying her head comfortable on the mascot’s lap. She looked genuinely happy as Donald Duck pats her head. Nala also wagged her tail continuously – indeed, she had the time of her life at the happiest place on Earth!

According to Nala’s handler, Megan Leigh, The theme park staff and crew love having the dog over. Megan and Nala live near Orlando and often visit Disney World twice or thrice weekly. The theme park staff know Nala all too well. They said Nala enjoy the different rides! She also likes visiting the various attractions, most notably The Lion King, where she got her name.

Nala also loves the breeze of the different rides, notably the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. While Nala enjoys most of her time at Disney World, she also fulfills her job as a service dog. Megan said doctors recommended a service dog for her after she gave multiple treatment methods a try. She added that for someone who has high functioning autism, Nala had done an incredible job helping her out.

Megan makes sure her service dog wears some protective gear during her theme park adventures. Aside from the service dog pin she dons, she also wears special doggie boots to protect her paws from the hot concrete walkways. Nala’s weekly trip to the Disney World proves that a good job is often rewarded. Nala – who is a great service dog gets to enjoy more days with her favorite Disney characters!

credits: CBS News via YouTube


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