One of life’s greatest challenges is moving forward from a terrible past. Past that has made such a negative impact on one’s life may sometimes lead to aggression, like what happened to Stevie. Stevie did not grow up in a happy family.

It seems that she has been beaten and mistreated. Because of her aggression, it was challenging to find someone for her until Gretchen stepped in and took her in as a foster. It could not have been easy for two strangers to meet and live together especially with one having a horrible experience with people.

But Gretchen did everything she can to turn Stevie around. On the first night that Stevie was brought home, she tried to bite Gretchen. She did not want to hurt anybody, and she was just scared that people might hurt her.

For the first 4 to 5 days, Gretchen exclusively hand-fed her to gain her trust, and it worked. Her aggression is still there, but it has subsided tremendously. Now, the next challenge is to get Stevie a forever home. She had two trial adoptions that did not work out.

It was only Melanie who took a chance at Stevie. For the first six weeks together, Stevie keeps trying to bite people in the cafes, but as time passed, she got over that has become gentler. Melanie could relate to Stevie as she used to be in an abusive relationship, so she understands where Stevie’s aggression is coming from.

After a year of being apart, Stevie reunited with his foster mom. She was hesitant at first but eventually warmed up to Gretchen and remember her. Gretchen is pleased that Melanie took a chance on Stevie and the two seemed to have bonded as a family.

Gretchen could not be more thankful for how and where Stevie ended up.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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