Dory is a St. Bernard that is known to be generally laid-back and, well, lazy. She usually spends her time lounging in their Oklahoma home, just watching everyone do their thing. Even her feline friends would just play right by her, and she would not be bothered to stand or play with them.

The 160-pound dog’s family adores her easygoing temperament, and they’re used to seeing the dog take over their couch. For such a large dog, she is very easy to live with.

Dory became an even more valuable member of the household when she saved the family home.

A hero

At approximately two in the morning, Dory went into her owner’s room and started whining and woke up her dad. He found it odd as it was unusual for his dog to act that way. Nevertheless, he decided to go back to sleep.

But Dory would not be ignored. She didn’t stop making noises and was pacing around the room. Soon, the cats started making noises as well. With all their pets becoming agitated, the homeowner had no choice. He stood up and checked on his animals.

When he got out of his room, he was hit by the strong smell of gas. He went down to the kitchen and discovered that his stove was turned on at the low setting. Someone forgot to turn it off. He called 911 right away.

Blown up

Firefighters arrived soon after and started airing out the house. By that time, the whole family, along with the pets, were outside. One of the firefighters told them their home was already filled with gas, and just one spark could have started an enormous explosion.

They were fortunate Dory had enough sense to wake up her family, and they know it. They considered her their hero and rewarded her with a huge steak to show their gratitude.

Source: KOCO 5 News via Youtube

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