A Pitbull named Jurni was rescued after she was found limping on the road. She was brought to the animal shelter called SCPA Northeastern North Carolina. Her rescuers found out later that she was chained in a yard for several years.

Jurni had some health issues that needed to be addressed before she could be put up for adoption. She needed treatment for heartworm disease and surgery for her luxating patella.

Jurni’s first few weeks in foster care were focused on gaining weight because she was skin and bones. She was also very unsure of herself because she had never experienced the freedom and joy of being a puppy. She never actually learned to walk on a leash.

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Her foster mom, Carly, was very patient with her. She started to take her for short walks. Eventually, their walks became longer, and Jurni was running.

Toys were foreign to Jurni. However, she got curious when she saw Carly’s dogs playing with them. Then she became obsessed with squeaky toys. She would bring them with her everywhere she went.

Jurni also showed her gentle and motherly side when Carly took in 10 foster kittens. She broke them out of their cage and groomed them. It was in her nature to be nurturing.

Everyone thought that Carly would eventually adopt Jurni, but then Gabe fell in love with her. When Jurni’s health had recovered, Gabe drove for 13 hours from Cape Cod to pick her up. When they met, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were meant to be together. There was love and happiness on both of their faces.

Carly was not sad to see Jurni go because she knew that the two loved each other from the start. She knew that Gabe would provide a good home for her.

Gabe renamed her Bernie. He frequently took her to outdoor adventures, and they spent many days cuddling on the couch. Bernie could look forward to many days like this with her dad.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube

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