People often say that getting a dog to take a bath is the hardest part of owning one, but is it really? For many dog owners out there, pretty much everything can be hard when it involves dogs, especially when your dog is as overly dramatic as the one in this featured video.

Like humans, dogs are at the mercy of the weather. While some dogs have adapted to cold weather by growing thick fur, there are those who are well suited in moderate climates. So what happens when these dogs encounter weather conditions that are not suitable for them? They can get sick due to the weather.

So as a precaution, pet owners have to be the ones to adapt to the weather conditions for their pups. This usually means that they will need to provide their dogs with appropriate clothing to shield them from the cold, and perhaps an air conditioner in case the weather is too high for their furry friends.

During cold seasons, it is not rare to see dogs wearing coats and matching booties. While the coat might seem a tad too small, it is more than enough warmth to insulate them from colder weather. But for a dog to be able to wear clothes such as a coat, they need to be tailor-made for them to fit.

Harper, the dog featured in the video below, is being too overly dramatic about getting her measurements taken for a coat to be tailor-made for her. She needs the coat so that she can play outside without suffering from the cold, but she’s making it hard for her owners to get her measurements.

With a tape measure in hand, Harper’s owner is struggling to get the pooch to cooperate. She is being overly dramatic. She flops into the couch and when her owner reaches in to put the tape measure around her, she instead offers her paw. Aww, what an adorably dramatic dog.

Watch the dramatic dog make it hard for her owner to get her measurements for a coat in the video below.

Source BVIRAL via Youtube

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