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Julian, the dog, fell at the bottom of a deep sanitary sewer. This made the pooch very anxious because it was so deep that no one might hear his plea. But he is mistaken because a group of individuals saw what happened to him and asked help from the members of the Department of Public Works and Engineering.

The crew from the department arrived at the site to help the beleaguered pooch. Good thing, the team had enough materials to save the pooch from 20 feet below. According to the rescuers, the pooch was visible scared when they rescued him. The three-year-old pooch was shivering in anxiety because of the incident.

Even then, the rescuers assured the pooch that everything would be alright. After saving the pooch, the rescuers brought Julian to a nearby veterinary clinic so that they will be sure that the pooch is okay. When the results came out, there are no findings except for a few abrasions and cuts due to the fall.

Later that day, the Facebook post of the department announced that the dog is already free from any harm. They also urged people with dogs to look after their beloved pooches so that incidents like this will not be repeated. More so, they asked people to be extra cautious when there are utility holes on the street.

But if there is one good news for Julian, it would be that the department decided to adopt the pooch for good. His rescuers learned that the pooch is a stray and does not have a loving home. This made some of the rescuers very sad for the dog. They eventually decided to take the dog under their care. According to one of the rescuers, they will train the pooch with basic commands so that he can join them in some of their operations.

This 3-year-old dog was rescued by the City of Houston after surviving a 20 ft. fall and several days at the bottom of a sanitary sewer manhole.The City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department team adopted the pup and plan to make him their new mascot. Check out this short video featuring his journey. http://abc13.co/2jEvX31

Posted by ABC13 Houston on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Credits to ABC13 Houston.

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