There is no doubt that many fur parents treat their pets like they are their children. And here’s the funny thing: pets act like children too. Just like a child, pets can offer tons of fun and laughter that can really make you feel like they are a part of the family. But on the other hand, they can also be a nuisance sometimes wherein they can wreak havoc and make you go nuts.

Meet Sandy, a Labradoodle who wants to be in the know of everything his family does. According to Kathy, their human mom, Sandy always felt bored and lonely when everyone left to go to school and work. He would have no choice but to wait for them all to come back home.

However, one morning, the labradoodle decided he has got to put matters into his own hands. While the kids and parents were busy preparing to leave, he sneakily went out of the house. He secretly followed the kids all the way to their school without anybody noticing.

When the kids got to school, to their surprise, Sandy was there too! All their schoolmates thought that the dog’s antics were hilarious.  Sandy was then sent to the principal’s office to wait for Kathy to pick him up.  However, when the principal tried to call, her cellphone happened to be turned off.

Luckily, the family’s neighbor recognized the labradoodle in the principal’s office. She hurriedly took a picture of Sandy and sent the photo message to Kathy.  When Kathy turned on her phone and was able to read the message, she could hardly believe her eyes!

Kathy rushed to the school immediately to fetch Sandy and apologize for his mischievous actions. But all is good since he brought so much laughter to everyone at school. Despite his naughtiness , Kathy could still attest that Sandy is a very obedient pooch and that sometimes, his joyful and adventurous self takes over his obedience.

Watch Sandy’s hilarious antics in the cute video below.

Source: Zoo Land via Youtube

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