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Al Trovinger owns a dog that he named River. The pooch has been part of Al’s family since 2015. According to Al, River is a loyal and kind pooch. But while the dog is ideal, River can sometimes be impatient just like any other dog.

One day, when Al and his family were on their way to Alabama’s Jubilee Parkway to unwind, a road accident made it difficult to pass through. The traffic was heavy that all vehicles need to make way for other cars to pass through.

After almost 30 minutes in the standstill traffic, River became impatient. Al already noticed that the dog was a bit loud, so he took the pooch out for a while because River might want to pee. Al put River’s leash, and afterward, they went out of the car.

Incidentally, the car was stuck above a river. When the dog saw the body of water, the dog became overjoyed. She thought it was bath time. So, River leaped off the bridge and splashed into the body of water like an excited dog. This incident caught Al off guard.

The body of water is a little bit deep, so the dog found it hard to swim. Al saw that the pooch was struggling, but he was so helpless what to do. He asked for help, but no one responded to his pleas. Without thinking of what could happen, Al jumped off the bridge to save his beloved pooch.

The poor dog immediately went to her owner and scrambled up Al’s body. Al tried to swim to a nearby shore, but good thing help came for the owner and the dog. A boat rescued the two. People who were looking from a distance were cheering Al for his courage to save his dog.

In a later interview, Al shared that it was all adrenaline rush. He said that he saw River struggling to swim, so he decided to rescue the pooch.

Credits to FOX 10 News – WALA.

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