Charlie, a Golden Retriever puppy, is getting his very first service dog stairs training. His human companions are helping him every step of the way, and Charlie’s scared but willing attitude will warm your heart.

This dog’s human companions are teaching him how to use the stairs so that he can one day help people with mobility issues. They’re tall orders forĀ a puppy, and this one’s reaction said so.

Charlie has no problem sticking to his male trainer while they walked in a mall in the United States. The puppy knew that as long as he obeyed and did what he had to, he will receive treats.

But learning how to use the stairs was a different story. When he first saw the steps, he backed away in fear. It would take a lot of coaxing and patience before he could finally put his paw on the first step.

Slowly but surely, Charlie made his way up with the help of his trainer. His human companions were incredibly supportive and encouraging, so the dog did his best.

Charlie was given treats while they were on the stairs, and it was good reinforcement. Once they were off the stairs, he wasn’t given any. This further emphasizes that being on the stairs is where he’d get treats, not off of it.

The dog did well in our opinion, and he will continue to be so in the future.

Little did Charlie know that this training is going to be his life’s mission. His expertise will help people who have challenges with mobility.

It’s noble work, and we can’t help but admire this little one’s willingness to learn his craft. We could tell this pup will be a pro in no time.

We do not doubt that he’ll be an amazing service dog one day!

Credits to Pet Intel. via YouTube

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