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Animal advocates in Wales have been investigating an unlicensed breeder in Carmarthenshire. After seven months of investigations, these animal advocates saved the lives of hundreds of dogs.

Based on the findings of their investigations, the dogs were kept as breeding dogs in horrific conditions. Many of the rescued dogs were then rushed to emergency care as the same is needed for their recovery.

Fortunately, the rescued dogs showed enough grit and determination to overcome the challenges that came their way. Right now, they are living in various loving foster homes awaiting their future adopters.

Meanwhile, the animal advocates from Hope Rescue exposed the unlicensed breeding house. It was later found out that the breeding house’s name is Puppy Farms. This group is responsible for the inhumane breeding of dogs in preparation for the Christmas dog demand.

With what the Hope Rescue unearthed, the organization warned potential dog buyers to exercise due diligence before buying a dog. According to the group, people should shun the idea of buying dogs from puppy mills. Instead, dog lovers should opt to adopt from animal shelters.

Vanessa Waddon, Hope Rescue’s founder, shared that the rescued dogs are now safe in various foster homes. Most of the rescued dogs are now under the care of Dogs Trust and West Wales Poundies. These groups are working extra hard in searching for potential homes for the dogs.

According to Vanessa, the Hope Rescue is fortunate because many people are backing the cause of dog rescue. With the generosity of these individuals, Happy Rescue continues with its advocacy of saving poor dogs from puppy mills.

For Vanessa, as long as there are individuals supporting their cause, they will continue their work. It might be challenging especially during this pandemic, but Hope Rescue will endure every challenge that may come its way.

Credits to Hope Rescue.

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