Fishing is not a pastime for everybody, especially for those who are not very patient. You see, fishing takes a lot of patience and determination. And even then, your chances of successfully catching a fish are close to zero. That’s why fishing is great for those who love a challenge.

But did you know that humans are not the only ones who are good at fishing? Believe it or not, our beloved four-legged canine friends are just as good at the sport as their human counterparts. If you still don’t believe us, then you should watch this next featured video.

The dog in the featured video below is a Labrador Retriever. Staying true to his breed, this dog is determined to retrieve a fish all by himself. The funny thing is, dogs are land animals and are rarely in the water with fishes. So how the heck did they learn to be so good at fishing?

The dog and his mom were out for a walk one day when they went by a lake. The duo decided to take a little time out and check on the fishes. The dog had other plans.

He gets in the water and decides to try out his fishing skills. He stayed patiently still as fishes begin to gather in front of him. He had the patience of a Saint!

With one fell swoop, the dog dove into the water and grabbed a catfish by its head. He then drags it back to shore to show mom his prize. But just like a true blue sport fisher, the dog followed the principle of catch and release. After showing mom the gigantic fish that he has caught, the dog allowed the water dweller to go back into the water.

He must have been a fisherman in his first life! Watch the very patient dog show off his fishing skills in the video below.

Source RM Videos via Youtube


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