When you wait all your life to have a family and you never thought it would ever happen, life finds a way to surprise you. Pirate has been waiting for more than half of her life to get a family. Instead, she has been spending it in a shelter.

People pitied her, but never really wanted to see her. Nobody cared enough to ask about her. They simply didn’t care. The Hoyt couple is both in the military and was stationed in Hawaii before they went looking for homes, Jennifer thought of finding a dog for them.

She went to the Oahu SPCA page and saw the picture of Pirate. She went to the shelter and asked to meet her. The people in the shelter were in disbelief that someone was asking for her.

Jennifer was unable to bring Pirate home yet since they were still looking for a house. But Jennifer visited her every day. Before, and after work, she would go and visit Pirate in the shelter.

Two months after, Pirate was ready to go to her forever home. The staff in the shelter could not believe that Pirate was getting her own family and could not be happier for her.

Pirate is a senior dog, and they do not know how long she has. But Jennifer and her husband want to make sure that she lives the best life possible. She already wasted more than half of his life in a shelter, and she needs to enjoy what’s left of it.

Pirate is just the happiest dog, and she acts like a puppy. She is becoming a spoiled dog, and the couple would not have it any other way. For a dog that was unwanted by many, he sure is very much loved today.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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