A woman took out the trash one day when she surprisingly heard something in the dumpster. She opened it gently and was shocked when she found Bowie, a Pitbull, inside a wire kennel thrown away in the trash.

Journey to recovery

Luckily, the woman that found Bowie recently adopted a dog from the Wichita Animal Action League, an animal shelter. She knew to urgently take the dog to Sarah Coffman, shelter founder, who knew a vet.

Bowie dropped his and climbed on Sarah’s lap the moment they met. Sarah became even more determined to give Bowie a life he truly deserved.

Due to his severe condition, Bowie stayed in an animal hospital for over a week with twenty-four-hour round-the-clock care. The nurses at the hospital grew to love Bowie and his sweet attitude and were happy when Bowie was transferred to a medical foster.

Lee and Darcy, founders of the medical foster home, were more than happy to help Bowie gain weight. They used a slow feeder with puzzles to stop Bowie from eating all his food in seconds.

After two months, Connie and Matt, a lovely couple, offered to foster Bowie. Sarah was reluctant at first and tried to convince her husband to foster Bowie. But once they arrived at the couple’s house, they saw a big sign that said “Welcome Home Bowie”.

Forever home

Once Sarah saw the sign, she instantly felt relieved. She knew that Bowie was in the right hands.

Although Bowie was a bit shy, he instantly loved his new house. Connie and Matt spent all day with Bowie and tried to make him comfortable. It took two full days before the couple both decided they wanted to officially adopt Bowie.

Bowie and his new family went on all kinds of adventures together. In just a few weeks, Bowie blossomed into a playful and affectionate dog thanks to his loving parents.

Watch the heartwarming story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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