To mention that Golden Retrievers are one of the most adorable creations ever to walk this planet is an understatement. Their smiles brighten up our day, and their funny antics never fail to make our hearts happy. They’re also quick to comfort us whenever we feel down, and they’re more than willing to give us tight, furry hugs after a long day.

Golden Retrievers have gone viral for the cute things they do. Such is the case of the puppy in today’s story. More than her cuteness, her photo made rounds online because of her unique feature. She was born with one ear.

The unicorn Golden Retriever

Rae had an accidental injury when she was born. She was left with only one ear as an aftermath. As she grew up, the ear moved to the top of her head, making her look like a unicorn. People found this unique and adorable, so they shared her photo with their contacts online.

Despite this, Rae remains to be a super friendly, kind, and playful dog. She loves being around people, and she enjoys playing with other dogs. There’s never a dull moment with Rae. Sam, her owner, sees her as a reminder that life is too short to focus on the bad things that are happening around us.

Spreading love and warmth to everyone

When Sam shared Rae’s video on TikTok, it went viral in just a few hours. It’s difficult to ignore how cute Rae is! The Golden Retriever’s owner eventually set up social media accounts so Rae’s fans can follow her day-to-day activities. She has over 28,000 followers on Instagram as of writing.

While it may seem that Rae is enjoying her life as a unicorn Golden Retriever, her ear still needs special care. Since her breed is prone to ear infections, her favorite human must inspect her ear at least once each week.

Credits to Rae the Golden Retriever

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