Aside from having superpowers, we identify who the heroes in movies are based on their costumes. That’s cool and all, but the truth is, not all heroes don these colorful costumes. In fact, not all heroes are humans! Some are covered in fur, have four legs, and look insanely adorable.

Among these fluffy heroes is Max, a 17-year-old pooch who hails from Queensland, Australia. Since he’s already in his senior years, he has difficulty hearing and is also partially blind. The world came to know about him in 2018 when he saved the life of then three-year-old Aurora.

When kids go missing

The toddler was walking by her lonesome into the Australian Bushland when she suddenly went missing. Her family formed a large search party to find her. They tapped the police and a few individuals from the local community to help them find her.

Over 100 hundred people joined the search party. Little did they know that the key to helping them find Aurora was Max. He courageously followed Aurora as she went on her mini adventure. He sensed that she was going to need protection, so he took it upon himself to join the toddler on her quest.

A grueling 15 hours

The family’s search for the missing toddler continued into the night. As each second passed, the feelings of exhaustion and hopelessness grew stronger. They were ready to accept the worst when they reached the 15th hour of their search.

Interestingly, that was also the time when Leisa Bennet went into the woods because she thought she heard something. She called Aurora’s name, but to her surprise, Max appeared. He then led her and some members of the rescue team to where the toddler had disappeared to.

They were all pleased when they saw Aurora sitting on a steep hill. They also commended the senior dog for doing everything he could to protect the toddler.

Credits to 9News

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