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While wrong and deplorable, bullying has already been embedded in society ever since. Most of the cases of bullying happen in schools and among young children. This boy experienced bullying at an early age. Kent Salmon, the bullied boy, did not fight back his bullies.

When the mother of Kent Salmon heard of the news that her kid is getting bullied in school because of his skin condition, Lauren Salmon decided to get him a pooch. According to Lauren, her son, Kent, has been dealing with psoriasis ever since he was a child.

Because of this incurable condition, many kids in Kent’s school tease him and call him different names. Kent, who is a kind-hearted boy, does not mind all the negativities from his peers. This, though, greatly affected his self-esteem.

As a mother, Lauren feels the hardship of her son, especially that Kent is already growing up as a teenager. To help his young boy deal with sadness, Lauren adopted a pooch for Kent. And it is not an ordinary dog.

The dog, whom they named Roo, happens to be unique. When the pooch was born, Roo had two extra legs in front of her body. With her condition, Roo was dumped by her former owner.

Good thing, Lauren came into the rescue and decided to adopt the pooch and give him a new home. Two weeks after they took the pooch, Lauren said Roo is adjusting well in her new environment. Most importantly, the pooch gives support to Kent.

Lauren shared that ever since Roo became part of the family, there were positive changes in her son’s behavior. Kent became more confident with himself. The kid likewise finds it enjoyable to play around with Roo.

Since Kent and Roo are getting along with each other, Lauren believes that Roo would help Kent cope up with school’s stress. Kent, on the other hand, will be a good brother to Roo.

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