If you’ve had an incredible childhood, you’d know that getting too close to your parents is sure to earn your little sibling’s jealousy and ire. Well, it turns out that dogs do the same!

In September of this year, this hilarious clip of a Great Dane blocking his dad from sitting close to his mom proved that dogs are jealous beings.

Check dad’s expression when the Dane made his move. Dad looked terrified of his towering pet, and we could see he’s getting nowhere near his wife.

We’re sure dad tried his best to sit close to his other half, but he’s no match to his Great Dane.

Jealous dog

It’s clear that this pup is fiercely protective of his mom and isn’t going to let anyone come close without a fight.

We can’t quite help but be reminded of our own childhood experiences with this story. Dog or human, it seems we’re all just trying to protect what’s ours!

Protective pet

Poor dad, we bet he couldn’t wait for his dog to leave so that he could get some couple time with his wife. It’s a good thing he accepted defeat, though! Doggo wins this round.

We’re not entirely sure what the canine did after what’s captured in this video, but we could bet dad got the scare of his life from the war this dog waged. Sorry you had to go through that, dad.

You should probably start plotting your couple time now or else there wouldn’t be any of that at all. This Great Dane sure looked like he’s a dog on a mission, and we’re sure this will be a recurring theme.

We all have to admire this dog for his commitment, don’t we? Let us know what you think of this little incident in the comments below.

Credits to ViralSnare Rights Management via YouTube

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