A Los Angeles cocker spaniel named Violet recently found herself badly needing people’s help after she lost her wheelchair. A few weeks ago, the car of Violet’s foster mom was stolen, and together with it were all of her disability supplies. Because of that, the Camp Cocker Rescue, a shelter specializing in cocker spaniels, called for people’s support.

Among the stolen items were Violet’s custom wheelchair and special boots, which protect her feet as they drag on the ground. Violet’s car seat, backpack, and everything else that she needs for her daily routine was taken too.


Violet was with the Baldwin Park/Los Angeles county animal shelter when the Camp Cocker Rescue took her in. Unfortunately, because of her need for round the clock nursing care, Violet never found an adopter. However, the shelter is very grateful for finding Violet her permanent foster home.

Violet, who the shelter describes as a perfectly imperfect dog, became part of the program that they call Forever Foster Home. This is where the rescue center sponsors all of the pooch’s expenses for life. After the car theft, though, they had to reorder all of the pup’s supplies. For that reason, the shelter asked for donations.

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I got the best Christmas gift ever 🎁 🎄 Thank you to @eddieswheels for rushing the order and thank you to all my fans for the donations and gifts 🎁 Any leftover donations are being used for my future medical expenses and I want to share my donations with the other “perfectly imperfect” doggies in the Camp Cocker Rescue Forever Foster home program. (like Cookie who is a hospice senior with cancer) Always thinking of others ❤️❤️🌸🌸🌸 Interestingly enough, because of the news coverage, two good Samaritans happened to find my old stolen cart in an alley and I have a backup cart 🙏🙏❤️❤️ The biggest thank you to : @twohandsfourpaws @campcockerrescue @nbcla @foxla @abc7la @ktla5news @people #SaveADogChangeTheWorld 🐶🐾🌎 #TeamViolet 💗 https://gopro.com/v/qzqb7ElvlLlP0

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Thankfully, people immediately rallied around in support of Violet and her foster mom. With everyone’s kindness, Violet got herself a new wheelchair and some other gifts. She received more than enough funds to replace her stolen supplies. So, the shelter said that they will use them for Violet’s future medical expenses and will also share them with other “imperfectly perfect doggies.”

Because Violet’s story received lots of attention, two Good Samaritans also came forward after finding the pup’s stolen wheelchair in an alley. So now, the adorable dog has a backup cart. Violet couldn’t be happier now that she can enjoy strolling around on her own again.

Credit: Violet

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